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The construction of intelligent cities in China is accelerating
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With the advance of the "Internet +" strategy and the proposal of the national "13th Five-Year plan" innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing development, China's smart city construction is accelerating. According to statistics, as of September last year, 95% of the cities above the deputy provincial level and 76% of the cities above the prefecture level had proposed or built more than 500 cities in total.
Intelligent city construction covers a large number of industries, power, transportation, medical and other fields are carrying a large number of sensitive information. Once these sensitive information involving individuals, enterprises and the government is leaked, it will bring immeasurable harm to citizens'personal rights, business interests and national information security.
According to the 15th issue of the National Internet Emergency Response Center, the number of hosts infected with network viruses in China reached 868,000, an increase of 13.8% compared with the same period last year. The total number of backdoor websites implanted in China increased by 71.1% compared with the same period last year, and 106 new information security vulnerabilities were added, an increase of 14.0% compared with the same period last year.
Behind these numbers are the huge hidden dangers of network security in the operation of smart cities. These network security problems will have a direct and substantial impact on the real world, such as abnormal operation of equipment (traffic paralysis, urban stagnation), equipment stagnation (water, power, gas, heating), equipment damage (parts damage or even fire and explosion), environmental pollution and even casualties.
Therefore, how to ensure the safety and reliability of information is an unavoidable problem in the development of smart cities in China. Li Chenggang, chairman of China Electronic Science and Technology Network Information Security Co., Ltd., said at a recent summit forum on data security and industrial cooperation in China's smart cities: "Big data security is an important guarantee for the construction of new smart cities. Through the construction of large data security technology system, we can promote the innovation, opening and sharing of urban public data, provide reliable data security and privacy security protection for sensitive data-intensive fields such as government, credit information, medical treatment, and realize open security.
What security issues need to be addressed in the development of smart cities? Li Chenggang believes that, first of all, in the process of government data opening, data rigidity and data sovereignty are difficult to define. Due to the lack of norms and protective measures, all commissions and bureaus adopt a conservative way of data protection, which prohibits the circulation of sensitive data, and seriously hinders the publicity, sharing and circulation of data. Secondly, in the process of public data opening, we are facing problems such as illegal use of data and difficulties in public opinion supervision. With the vigorous development of new Internet media such as micro-blog, micro-message, social network, news and forum, these media have also become an important carrier for the breeding, development and transformation of social quality supervision, problems and contradictions, and have strengthened the frequent situation of social contradictions and mass emergencies.
Tong Ning, general manager of ASIC's security business development and product research and development, suggests that in the process of building a smart city, the government should establish an early warning and protection system for network threats, as well as the overall security situation monitoring at the city level. Once a security threat occurs, it should be able to deal with it in a timely manner. Urban managers should also strengthen public network security education, make the public aware of the serious threat of network security, and take the initiative to strengthen the awareness of security defense in life. In addition, smart cities should also establish a network security personnel training base to provide adequate human resources support for the construction of safe cities.
From the practice of smart cities, it is very important to strengthen situational awareness of city-level cyberspace, which requires smart cities to build an efficient public security service platform, to be able to timely perceive changes in cybersecurity threats, and to provide security including virus trojans, phishing fraud, cybersecurity early warning and vulnerability reporting. Intelligence helps government units, enterprises and individuals cope with security risks.
(Source: Economic Daily)

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