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Eleven Key Tasks of Information Benefiting People Project announced that demonstration provinces and municipalities will be built
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According to the information on the website of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the NDRC and other departments issued a notice to speed up the implementation of the information project for the benefit of the people. The circular announces 11 key tasks of information benefiting people project, such as the establishment of information benefiting people's national demonstration provinces and municipalities.  
The implementation of the project focuses on solving outstanding problems in nine areas: social security, medical treatment, education, pension, employment, public safety, food and drug safety, community service and family service. The competent departments of all trades should play a guiding role in their business and focus on resolving outstanding contradictions and constraints in livelihood services in various fields. Factor, pay attention to institutional mechanism and policy system innovation, to promote cross-level, cross-sectoral information sharing and business collaboration as the grasp, promote multi-party collaboration in public services, resource sharing, system docking.  
Eleven key tasks of Huimin Project were announced in the circular:
1. Developing the establishment of information-benefiting national model provinces and municipalities
The State Development and Reform Commission, led by the Central Editorial Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Audit Office, the General Administration of Food and Drug Administration and the National Standard Committee, will jointly organize and share the national model provinces and cities with government information. Construction (no longer organized separately) and the construction of information-benefiting provinces and cities. On the one hand, we should promote information technology to optimize the allocation of public resources, innovate social management and public service modes, broaden public service and public participation channels, enhance the level of public service and the level of equal and inclusive benefits, improve the efficiency of social management, and promote the openness of government affairs and administration according to law. On the other hand, we should promote the in-depth application of information technology in the field of people's livelihood, cultivate new hotspots of information consumption in traditional service industries, improve consumption security and service level, and promote information consumption through information services.  
II. Action Plan for Benefiting People with Social Security Information
The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, together with the Ministry of Finance and the State Health and Family Planning Commission, will take the lead in organizing the implementation. With the goal of establishing a more convenient and speedy integrated social security public service system, we will accelerate the implementation of social security card. By 2015, the number of social security card holders will reach 800 million. We will promote the integrated application of social security card in the fields of human resources, social security, residents'health and benefits. We will build a central and provincial clearing information platform for cross-regional medical insurance expenditures, formulate standards and norms for cross-regional medical insurance networking clearing, and achieve the immediate settlement of citizens'medical expenditure in different places on a nationwide basis. The pilot project of cross-provincial instant settlement of medical insurance was carried out in 100 cities of 15 provinces in advance, serving more than 300 million urban and rural residents. The model and cooperation mechanism of cross-regional instant settlement of medical insurance were gradually established, and the cross-regional integration service achieved initial results.  
III. Action Plan for the Benefit of Health and Medical Information to the People
It is organized and implemented by the State Health and Family Planning Commission and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. Focusing on solving the problem of seeking medical treatment so as to facilitate medical services, benefit urban and rural residents, and strengthen the health industry, we should promote telemedicine, establish and improve the health information monitoring and early warning system for major public health and infectious diseases, on the basis of standardization of medical service information and mutual recognition of inspection and test results across the country, and promote high quality. Resources sharing and universal benefits of health services, the establishment and improvement of electronic medical records and electronic health records, the gradual realization of nationwide cross-agency, cross-regional, cross-health business health information, medical information sharing and card universality, and actively promote the application of residents'health cards and social security cards, financial IC cards, public service cards and other public services. Application integration of card. In advance, demonstrations were carried out in 15 provinces and 45 large hospitals, and a mechanism for sharing residents'health information across institutions and regions was gradually established to achieve one-card access to health care.  
IV. Action Plan for Benefiting People with Quality Education Information
The Ministry of Education will take the lead in organizing the implementation with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and other departments. In order to promote educational equity, improve the quality of education, speed up the narrowing of regional, urban and rural, inter-school education gap, promote the sharing of high-quality educational resources, and deepen the application of information technology in education and teaching. We will build and improve educational information infrastructure and narrow the digital divide between schools in the central and Western regions. Establish an effective mechanism to expand the coverage of high-quality educational resources, continue to promote the sharing of national high-quality open courses, and accelerate the establishment of public service system of educational resources. In the initial stage, qualified vocational colleges and related institutions were entrusted in the field of vocational education to build a digital resource management center for Vocational education, 20 development and application bases and 100 pilot schools for application and promotion, providing open services to all students and members of society in Vocational education.  
5. Plan of Action for Benefiting the People with Information on Old-age Services
The Ministry of Civil Affairs will take the lead in organizing the implementation with the State Health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other departments. In order to meet the needs of the old-age service, release the potential of the old-age consumption and promote the development of the old-age service industry, we should establish the service mechanism of network interconnection and information sharing among the old-age service institutions and medical and nursing institutions, and focus on promoting the information construction of the old-age service institutions, promoting remote health monitoring and expanding the professional services of the old-age institutions. To promote the integration of old-age care, health care and medical services. Pilot projects were carried out in 200 old-age service institutions in advance to substantially improve the level of old-age information services.  
VI. Action Plan for Employment Service Information Benefiting People
Organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security in conjunction with relevant departments

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