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The Round Table Internet of Things will bring about new opportunities for change in Chinas financial industry
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Globally, the Internet of Things has entered a new stage of development. Major developed countries are accelerating the layout of the financial field of the Internet of Things. Among them, one of the "six smart action plans" proposed by the United States for the Internet of Things is to build smart finance; Deutsche Telecom claims that it has activated the world's first fully standardized narrowband Internet of Things in Germany. Facing the increasingly fierce international competition, it is of great significance to actively promote the financial construction of the Internet of Things in China.  
Internet of Things finance is a new financial industry.
China Economic Times: What are the main differences between the role of the Internet of Things and the Internet in the financial industry?  
Liu Haitao: The Internet of Things surpasses the Internet. For example, when you learn all kinds of information through the Internet, you don't know that thieves are stealing next door. The global village next to a wall can't be called the global village. The Internet is only a virtual global village of information, but the Internet of Things can bring the global village of the real world.  
In addition, the Internet is an information sharing system, all information is entered artificially, true or false, strong subjectivity. The reason why a series of problems have occurred in Internet financial companies such as YiRenbao is that all information is entered artificially. Unlike the Internet, all the information in the Internet of Things is the mirror reaction of things after perception. It is objective and true. It is not concerned about the content of information, but about the events by means of perception and interaction. It is the interaction between entities. Therefore, the main difference between the two is that the Internet is the subjective system for information services, while the Internet of Things brings an objective system. Therefore, Internet of Things service can not only provide more reliable credit system for finance, but also bring intelligent system. For example, traffic is mainly controlled by traffic lights. After the Internet of Things, traffic lights will become traffic lights. At the same time, the Internet of Things is based on the Internet. Without the Internet, the intelligence of the Internet of Things will not be reflected.  
Shi Jie: With the rapid growth of Internet of Things terminals in financial industry, the technology of big data and cloud computing will develop more rapidly. The Internet of Things will rebuild the social credit system, promote risk control, promote financial innovation, and change the mode of financial management. It will certainly bring new changes to the banking industry.  
Guo Qiang: Comparatively speaking, Internet finance and traditional finance are both human-oriented credit systems, while Internet of Things finance is an object-oriented credit system, which integrates Internet of Things technology into various activities of commodity society.  
Chen Wei: In the Internet of Things era, the application of Internet of Things finance will be embodied in the whole financial ecosystem. This is based on the fact that it can account for asset prices every minute and every second, accurately measure all assets, so that all assets with financial attributes can be mortgaged and financed. In fact, as long as the measurement is accurate and the whole process of seamless supervision, all assets can be capitalized and traded.  
China Economic Times: So, what new changes will the Internet of Things bring to the financial industry?  
Liu Haitao: The core content of the Internet of Things is to provide an objective credit system. At present, China is a big financial country, but it is not strong enough. Compared with Western countries, China has not yet established its own complete credit system. If China actively promotes the Internet of Things and can establish an objective credit system through the Internet of Things, then, from the perspective of establishing an objective credit system. It is possible to change the rules of the game of the international credit system to solve the problems of honesty and credit in China and the imperfection of the financial credit system, so as to promote the transformation of China from a big financial country to a strong financial country.  
Shi Jie: In the long-term financial practice, we have realized that how to improve the ability of risk control is not a human problem, but a data and technology problem. Therefore, the banking risk system will change from subjective credit model to objective credit model. With the help of advanced pledge system and data support of the Internet of Things, we can grasp the situation of enterprises and make new changes in risk control system. In addition, through the technology application of the Internet of Things, financial institutions can more smoothly and deeply understand customer needs, make customer experience to the extreme, and real

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