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Peoples Dailys New Perception: New Concept of Smart City Construction
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Intelligent city construction refers to the use of new generation information technology such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile interconnection and big data to improve the efficiency of urban management and operation, promote the healthy and sustainable development of cities, and create a better urban life for people. Wisdom city is a new concept and engine of urban development, which has attracted worldwide attention as soon as it was put forward. Nowadays, the concept of "wisdom" has penetrated into all areas of the city, such as intelligent transportation, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent environmental protection, intelligent community, etc., and constantly improve the happiness of urban residents.  
In fact, the concept of "smart city" is still in its infancy, the construction of smart city is still in the exploratory stage, and the future development direction needs to be further studied. In view of the current situation of urban development in China, we can explore a new model of wisdom city construction - the mode of super-space-time development. It refers to the use of modern information technology, breaking through geographical barriers, across time constraints, to create a virtual life model without time and space constraints, in order to improve the quality of life of residents and urban operation efficiency. For example, using active management technology and computer image visual analysis technology, residents can control the situation of their residence in real time even thousands of miles away, making their home life safer and more convenient. In the super space-time development mode, communication has replaced transportation as the hub of urban operation system. Residents can not only reduce travel, but also get rid of the regional constraints. Learning, work and life become very convenient. At the same time, the combination and development of communication technology and spatial information technology will make urban logistics change from material material material flow to information flow, thus reducing logistics costs, improving logistics efficiency and economic benefits, and improving the level of urban logistics development.  
In the 1960s, western scholars put forward the theory of urban development communication that urban development originates from the interaction between people. Transportation, communication and other media of human interaction can promote the overall development of cities. The network virtual space created by the super-space-time development mode not only provides a new place for people to interact, but also makes the interaction between people more efficient, which will surely push urban development to a new level. In real life, the mode of development beyond time and space has emerged. For example, with the wide application of information technology and the popularization of office equipment in the family, SOHO (home office) has become a working mode that more and more people can try. At present, the rapid development of the new generation of information technology, such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and so on, makes people believe that urban residents in the future can be free and efficient, not only in the way of work, but also in other aspects of life, without space-time constraints.  
At present, the urbanization rate of the permanent population in China has reached 56.1%, and it has entered the stage of social development with the urban population as the main body. However, many cities are confronted with the problem of "urban disease". Population expansion, housing congestion, traffic congestion and other problems need to be solved urgently, and the mode of development beyond time and space is a good medicine for eliminating "urban disease". It makes the study, work and life of urban residents no longer subject to the constraints of time and space. It can not only effectively solve the social problems such as traffic congestion and environmental pollution caused by over-concentration of population, but also save a lot of resources and alleviate the problem of resource shortage. It can be seen that the over-time development model can significantly improve the quality of life of urban residents, the efficiency of urban operation and the level of economic and social development.  
To explore and form a super-space-time development model, we need to coordinate urban planning and construction, technological development, system improvement and other aspects. Among them, the government should play a leading and guiding role. Firstly, the government should make full use of network technology in urban construction and management to realize the whole city network. On the one hand, we should promote the networking of self-management and business operation so that urban residents can handle related business through the network; on the other hand, we should lead the construction of public facilities supported by information technology, so that the information network can penetrate into all aspects of urban residents'lives. Secondly, the government needs to guide enterprises to apply information technology widely, change traditional business model and improve the level of logistics development through tax incentives, credit support and cooperation with enterprises. Thirdly, the network is the cornerstone of the mode of development beyond time and space, but the problem of network risk can not be ignored. Therefore, the government should strengthen network supervision to ensure that residents'lives are not threatened by network risks.

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