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Ten Ten Trends in the Development of Smart Cities in China
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At present, with the support of national policies, the development of smart cities in China is in full swing. All kinds of smart city participants are actively pouring in, and government public data are steadily opening up. These factors will promote the continuous innovation of construction mode and gradually guide market forces to participate in the construction of smart cities. There is no doubt that China's smart cities will further develop in the future. So, what trends will China's smart cities show in the future?  
Internet companies will play an important role.
It is predicted that in 2015, with the rapid transformation of the construction mode of smart city, more and more Internet enterprises will actively participate in the construction of smart city.  
Internet companies headed by Ali and Baidu will take industry applications and cloud computing as entry points to promote the construction of smart cities through open cooperation mode. At the same time, the national level will promote the healthy and orderly development of smart cities through various modes, such as fiscal reform, purchasing services and government guidance. At present, the construction of smart cities in China is characterized by greater cooperation than competition.  
The construction of smart city is a very huge project, which involves many levels. It needs the cooperation of all kinds of manufacturers in the ecosystem to do a good job of smart city. It needs to promote the evolution of ecosystem through the innovation of construction mode. Therefore, with the joint efforts of the government and the market, the model of smart city construction will change rapidly in the next few years, thus effectively promoting the development of new urbanization in China.  
Big data mining will enhance smart city experience.
In 2014, many new technologies with industry characteristics were integrated into the construction of smart cities. 2014 is the first year of 4G, and the high-speed mobile experience of 4G has laid a good foundation for the application and promotion of smart city; and the construction of IDC is the bottom cornerstone of smart city construction. With the gradual maturity of cloud technology, the concept of cloud computing has been added to the construction of smart city data centers everywhere, and even more through the cloud construction of data centers. Enhance the support capability of data center for massive data.  
In addition, some members of the industry chain of smart cities, such as IBM, Alibaba and Yinjiang, have begun to invest more in big data, and they also use smart city platform as a source of big data acquisition. It is expected that in the future, in the construction of integrated smart city platform, there will be more successful cases of smart city experience upgrading and business realization through big data mining.  
People's livelihood service platform will emerge.
On January 9, 2014, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Notice on Accelerating the Implementation of Information Benefiting People Project. The notice pointed out that the key point of the implementation of the project is to solve the outstanding problems in the nine fields of social security, medical treatment and education. In the implementation of the project, local governments should pay attention to the integration of resources and gradually realize the coverage of public services and social information services by the whole population, all-weather acceptance and "one-stop" handling. On June 12, 2014, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) released a list of information-benefiting pilot cities in 80 cities across the country. The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and other 12 departments aim to accelerate the improvement of public service level and the level of equal and inclusive benefits through pilot cities, explore new mechanisms and models for optimizing public resource allocation through informatization, and innovate social management and public service.  
It is anticipated that in the coming years, people's livelihood service platforms will emerge rapidly in all parts of China, and will promote the coverage of basic public services at different levels, regions and groups, in order to promote the equalization of basic public services, taking into account the government's cloud construction, local conditions and the promotion of 4G network.  
Intelligent City Logistics Conversion from Reality to Nothingness
The digitalization of goods and services is the premise of realizing e-commerce. Urban airports, inland ports, bonded areas and other physical commodity distribution centers will use cloud platform to realize a series of links such as digital warehousing, logistics, distribution and so on. Besides logistics distribution, information and payment will be added to supplement the iron triangle of the e-commerce system.  
Zhongsoyun Mall is the solution to realize the digitization of commodities. The scheme has cooperated with bonded zones and free trade zones in Shanghai, Ningbo, Yantai and other cities, and merchandise is gathered in virtual cargo centers, presenting mobile applications for mobile phone users all over the country. The online shopping links such as goods being retrieved, ordered, paid, and distribution information follow-up will be transferred by information; warehousing and channels will break through the geographical limitations to achieve the nationwide distribution of goods and the distribution of all users. Yun Shang City has greatly enriched the urban commodity category and accelerated the commodity liquidity.  
High-speed network will accelerate the development of intelligent tourism.
The wide promotion of high-speed network in China will bring great impetus to the construction of Intelligent Tourism in various places.  
Supported by high-speed network, tourists can obtain location, route navigation, weather trend, food search, Hotel reservation, scenic spot recommendation, shopping navigation, interactive sharing, online ticket purchase and other services through smart terminals such as mobile phones and tablets, so as to realize the integration of food, housing, travel, travel, shopping, entertainment and other multi-dimensional travel. Travel service. It is predicted that in 2015, the construction of intelligent tourism will show a rapid development trend. The popularization of high-speed network breaks through the bottleneck of data transmission, making it possible for tourism services such as efficient data analysis and information acquisition based on large data. With the gradual improvement of tourists'experience, the network effect will gradually be formed. In the next few years, intelligent tourism will show a high-speed development trend.  
Government investment will be transformed into government-enterprise synergy.
Smart City is a City

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