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INFOR INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is a new enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sales of electronic products and electronic parts. The company has mature product technology, and strictly abides by various system standards in every link of R&D, production and sales to ensure the precision and stability of products. Qualitative analysis. In line with the principle of "quality and reputation as the life of the enterprise" and "quality first, reputation first", the company insists on providing customers with excellent quality and satisfactory service, and has won the unanimous praise of customers at home and abroad.
Main Products: 1. Electronic Products: Smart Home, Wearable Products, Battery Power Supply, etc. 2. Electronic Components: Storage Integrated Circuit, Electrostatic Protection Diode, Card Connector, etc.
corporate culture
Mission: Create value for customers, enhance happiness for employees and contribute to social progress;
Vision: To become a valuable and thoughtful enterprise;
Values: User-centered, sincere service, excellence;
Business philosophy: through continuous optimization and improvement, create an efficient and viable enterprise, strive for and create opportunities to provide customers with valuable products and services, so as to obtain reasonable remuneration.
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